LIfe really begins after 50

I always thought that when you got into your fifties that life would slow down. You’d head towards retirement and just, well, plod along. I was actually wondering what to do after 50.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Since arriving in my fabulous 50s, life couldn’t be more different!

I have found that I have discovered more wonderful things, learnt new skills and started more hobbies. My life is sometimes too full. It’s certainly fulfilled.

Among the things I have achieved since becoming Amazingly 50 are, learning to ride and passing a motorbike test (all in Italian) for a 650 cc motorbike, learning to ride horses, learning to sing, learning to paint and travelling more.

Life has been absolutely amazing and it certainly has been Amazingly 50 for me!

I made a short video recently about how your life can really open up when you reach your fabulous 50s and you can see it below.

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