Hooded eyes makeup tutorial using art

As you get more mature, things can tend to sag and droop, including your eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, please follow my video makeup tutorial below and your hooded eyes can look amazing. It’s a great way for anti ageing. I have used a well known art technique of light pushes out and dark knocks back to create this makeup look for hooded eyes.

It’s so easy to do and makes a huge difference to your makeup look if you are a woman in your 50s.

Your eyes will look lifted and younger, and you could get the effect of a mini eye lift. Using the simple art theory, you can look younger in your fabulous 50’s and you will feel more confident too.

Let me know what you think by commenting on my video. I will be sharing more videos with easy ways to update and rejuvenate your make up for a younger more flattering look.