Drab hair over 50? Apply Henna, Naturally!

Do you feel as though you have drab Hair After 50 ?

I recently looked in the mirror and my hair looked so drab and boring. It was such a vibrant colour when I was younger. I decided that I needed a bit of uplifting and after about 30 years since the last time, to try henna hair colour for the second time in my life.

I first and last applied henna hair colour to my hair when I was in my twenties. I was a natural redhead but wondered if henna would give me more shine and enhance my colour.

The result was very strong, for my taste, but it attracted many compliments. I didn’t apply any more hair colours to my hair until I was in my 40’s when I had a hairstyle which was light on the top and darker underneath. I suppose I got into the habit of applying colour, even though I missed my red hair which unfortunately lost a lot if its vibrancy with age.

I, as many women of 50+ do, got drawn into colouring my hair blonde. I just got into the routine of it all and although I still wanted red, I felt that to go back to it would be a bit drastic.

Eventually though I decided that I’d give it a go and did my research about which colour would be better for me and my complexion. I never gave henna a thought and went with the usual chemical colours that I was used to. Unfortunately, here in rural Italy where I live, there are not many red shades to choose from and so I bought my hair colour by L’Oreal, from Amazon, which gave me a good result.

I don’t like using chemical hair colours and am uneasy every time I use them. Now, I felt the time was right to try to try henna again and I made a video showing the results.

I have been very pleased with the result. The colour faded a little after a couple of washes, to a more natural look which is what I wanted. I am going to try to touch up my roots very soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.