What to buy a woman over 50

I recently celebrated (yet another!) birthday. I am a difficult person to buy for because I have never really been materialistic and don’t really “want” anything.

My kids came up with the most inspired present for me this year especially that now I’m in my fabulous 50s. A ukulele!

I had learnt a few chords when I was very small. My dad had a very old ukulele and taught me. Around the time that he passed away a few years ago, I met a very talented lady who, runs a ukulele orchestra in Scotland. She regularly visits my local town and she wanted to start a similar thing here. I jumped at the chance and said that it was just a matter of finding that old uke at my mum’s place and I’d be away.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy. I searched my mum’s house every visit since that meeting and I just couldn’t find the ukulele until my mum finally admitted that my sister had taken it. After a bit more searching and asking, I found out that she’d given it away. I was so upset. One of my daughters realised this and as my birthday was coming up, suggested it for a present.

I have been practising and learning new chords and songs and I am having so much fun with my very own ukulele.

You can see more below. I hope you enjoy it.

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Reporting from florence | italian sales

I have been buying some bits and bobs in the Italian sales recently and I bought some more in Florence where I was recently with my daughters who were going to an atmospheric concert in the amazing Piazza SS Annunziata.

I wanted to share my purchases with you so I made a video to show them off.

Italian Sales

Sales in Italy! Woohoo!

The sales here in Italy where I live have just started.

Being impatient, I went shopping yesterday and bought a pair of red sandals. You may or may not know that last year I decided, to just buy red shoes.

Why? Well because when I was little and my mum would buy me some shoes, if I had a choice,I always picked the red ones I’m sorry that’s just who I am, so last year I thought “oh let’s just go back to red shoes” I love them so much they’re just so cheerful and it makes shoe shopping very easy because you just look at the red ones and disregard the rest!

It doesn’t have to be a brighter red like my new sandals there is a lovely muted red if you are in a less showy mood. There is also a rich burgundy which is also red if you want boots or something bigger on your leg, it doesn’t have to be bright red, the muted burgundy shades look very, very, rich and classy and a bit different too.

I wanted an open sandal because it’s been so hot here in Italy. My new sandals are slightly raised with a flat base a flat foot bed because I didn’t want, in this hot weather, to be teetering around on high heels with my feet at a steep angle. Your feet can swell and get very uncomfortable and hot so my new sandals are perfect wit a padded sole and they are of course made in Italy.
Please watch my video and find out all about the Italian sales.

The Italian sales happen twice a year. First in January, then in July. They can’t be held at any other time and the exact date is dependant on the zone in which you live.

You can get some genuine bargains. These sales are real.

Normally in the period leading up to the sales, I look at items that I like and may want to buy and wait to see if they are reduced in the sales. You can save up to 70% on goods ranging from shoes, like I bought right up to household items such as fridges, cookers etc.

When you consider that here in Italy there are dotted up and down the country, designer outlets where you can get high end designer goods at lower prices, you can make huge savings if you stock up on these goods during the sale periods.

With the money that you save with one trip, you could come again later in the year to treat yourself again.

I am going to one of the nearby cities very soon and I will looking for bargains there. I’ll be back to share my experiences and purchases with you.