5 minute easy toned arms

It’s summertime here and my son is home from university. He has just started to exercise and wants to get in shape. He’s in pretty good shape actually but he wants to build a bit of muscle and be in better shape.

He found a great exercise app on his phone and he’s taking me and one of my daughters through a regular exercise routine. I have recently become very lazy and have wanted to get back into my exercise routine. I twisted my ankle recently and couldn’t play my beloved tennis or in fact do anything which involved staying on my feet for a while and I’ve been searching for an easy way to tone up.

Now that I’m nearly 100% again the exercises have proved excellent and I’m already starting to feel toned.

I will bring you more exercises but here is a video of an arm exercise, which incidentally, my tennis coach also taught me to strengthen arms and lose that flab the easy way. You can even do it sitting down! Don’t forget though if you haven’t exercised for some time, you should pay a visit to a medical professional first to make sure you’re okay to start again and you should take it gently at first!

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