Hooded eyes makeup tutorial using art

As you get more mature, things can tend to sag and droop, including your eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, please follow my video makeup tutorial below and your hooded eyes can look amazing. It’s a great way for anti ageing. I have used a well known art technique of light pushes out and dark knocks back to create this makeup look for hooded eyes.

It’s so easy to do and makes a huge difference to your makeup look if you are a woman in your 50s.

Your eyes will look lifted and younger, and you could get the effect of a mini eye lift. Using the simple art theory, you can look younger in your fabulous 50’s and you will feel more confident too.

Let me know what you think by commenting on my video. I will be sharing more videos with easy ways to update and rejuvenate your make up for a younger more flattering look.

L’Oreal extraordinary cream review

I recently made a video review of L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil-Cream 50ml

I thought it had a smooth and grease free texture and a lovely natural perfume.

Please checkout my full review below and let me know if you’d like me to review another product for you.

Summer life in Italy

Life in Italy in summer is normally an abundance of eating and dancing. Well, certainly in my zone it is. I live in the deepest, darkest, depths of rural northern Tuscany.

Winters here are long, cold, wet and miserable so when the sun comes out and the warm weather finally settles in, which normally means three months without rain, everyone is ready to go.

Where I live, traditions are strong and the age old sagre which are eating and dancing evenings, continue to this day. They are more modern now but still a little old fashioned.

I recently went to a sagra which had 1 day set aside where the traditional menu was abandoned for fish and chips. The sagre, by the way, normally go on for a few nights or a whole week or two.

I made a video about Italian life in summer and included a couple of clips of the sagra. When the eating is over, there is dancing to a local band. The dancing is normally liscio which is ballroom and also an Italian kind of line dancing which is not a derivative of line dancing but a traditional dance that everyone can dance, and you don’t need a partner!

LIfe really begins after 50

I always thought that when you got into your fifties that life would slow down. You’d head towards retirement and just, well, plod along. I was actually wondering what to do after 50.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Since arriving in my fabulous 50s, life couldn’t be more different!

I have found that I have discovered more wonderful things, learnt new skills and started more hobbies. My life is sometimes too full. It’s certainly fulfilled.

Among the things I have achieved since becoming Amazingly 50 are, learning to ride and passing a motorbike test (all in Italian) for a 650 cc motorbike, learning to ride horses, learning to sing, learning to paint and travelling more.

Life has been absolutely amazing and it certainly has been Amazingly 50 for me!

I made a short video recently about how your life can really open up when you reach your fabulous 50s and you can see it below.

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5 minute easy toned arms

It’s summertime here and my son is home from university. He has just started to exercise and wants to get in shape. He’s in pretty good shape actually but he wants to build a bit of muscle and be in better shape.

He found a great exercise app on his phone and he’s taking me and one of my daughters through a regular exercise routine. I have recently become very lazy and have wanted to get back into my exercise routine. I twisted my ankle recently and couldn’t play my beloved tennis or in fact do anything which involved staying on my feet for a while and I’ve been searching for an easy way to tone up.

Now that I’m nearly 100% again the exercises have proved excellent and I’m already starting to feel toned.

I will bring you more exercises but here is a video of an arm exercise, which incidentally, my tennis coach also taught me to strengthen arms and lose that flab the easy way. You can even do it sitting down! Don’t forget though if you haven’t exercised for some time, you should pay a visit to a medical professional first to make sure you’re okay to start again and you should take it gently at first!

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What to buy a woman over 50

I recently celebrated (yet another!) birthday. I am a difficult person to buy for because I have never really been materialistic and don’t really “want” anything.

My kids came up with the most inspired present for me this year especially that now I’m in my fabulous 50s. A ukulele!

I had learnt a few chords when I was very small. My dad had a very old ukulele and taught me. Around the time that he passed away a few years ago, I met a very talented lady who, runs a ukulele orchestra in Scotland. She regularly visits my local town and she wanted to start a similar thing here. I jumped at the chance and said that it was just a matter of finding that old uke at my mum’s place and I’d be away.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy. I searched my mum’s house every visit since that meeting and I just couldn’t find the ukulele until my mum finally admitted that my sister had taken it. After a bit more searching and asking, I found out that she’d given it away. I was so upset. One of my daughters realised this and as my birthday was coming up, suggested it for a present.

I have been practising and learning new chords and songs and I am having so much fun with my very own ukulele.

You can see more below. I hope you enjoy it.

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Reporting from florence | italian sales

I have been buying some bits and bobs in the Italian sales recently and I bought some more in Florence where I was recently with my daughters who were going to an atmospheric concert in the amazing Piazza SS Annunziata.

I wanted to share my purchases with you so I made a video to show them off.

Train trip and florence experiences

I recently took a trip to Florence by train with my daughters. They had booked a concert and I went for the ride.

The journey was fairly smooth with one short delay but we arrived in a sweltering Florence in the early afternoon ready to check in and hit those Italian sales.

The hotel, Due Fontane (Two Fountains), named after the two fountains in the piazza SS. Annunziata where the hotel was situated was very comfortable. The checkin was very smooth, we’d asked for a room overlooking the piazza and we were given one! There was a lift which we took up to the fourth floor where our room was which was brilliant for us with our suitcases and bags.

The room was a triple with ensuite, the amazing view down onto the ancient piazza and very comfortable.

We hit the sales and bought a few things but on the way from the hotel along the road from it to the centre we picked a couple of restaurants for our dinner later in the evening. The road, Via dei Servi I found out, dates from the 12 century and it is dominated by the duomo. The history was amazing and crazy. So old it was hard to comprehend and with a wonderful atmosphere which was perfect for the concert later in the evening.

Here’s a video of my Florence experiences which I hope you will like.

Italian Sales

Sales in Italy! Woohoo!

The sales here in Italy where I live have just started.

Being impatient, I went shopping yesterday and bought a pair of red sandals. You may or may not know that last year I decided, to just buy red shoes.

Why? Well because when I was little and my mum would buy me some shoes, if I had a choice,I always picked the red ones I’m sorry that’s just who I am, so last year I thought “oh let’s just go back to red shoes” I love them so much they’re just so cheerful and it makes shoe shopping very easy because you just look at the red ones and disregard the rest!

It doesn’t have to be a brighter red like my new sandals there is a lovely muted red if you are in a less showy mood. There is also a rich burgundy which is also red if you want boots or something bigger on your leg, it doesn’t have to be bright red, the muted burgundy shades look very, very, rich and classy and a bit different too.

I wanted an open sandal because it’s been so hot here in Italy. My new sandals are slightly raised with a flat base a flat foot bed because I didn’t want, in this hot weather, to be teetering around on high heels with my feet at a steep angle. Your feet can swell and get very uncomfortable and hot so my new sandals are perfect wit a padded sole and they are of course made in Italy.
Please watch my video and find out all about the Italian sales.

The Italian sales happen twice a year. First in January, then in July. They can’t be held at any other time and the exact date is dependant on the zone in which you live.

You can get some genuine bargains. These sales are real.

Normally in the period leading up to the sales, I look at items that I like and may want to buy and wait to see if they are reduced in the sales. You can save up to 70% on goods ranging from shoes, like I bought right up to household items such as fridges, cookers etc.

When you consider that here in Italy there are dotted up and down the country, designer outlets where you can get high end designer goods at lower prices, you can make huge savings if you stock up on these goods during the sale periods.

With the money that you save with one trip, you could come again later in the year to treat yourself again.

I am going to one of the nearby cities very soon and I will looking for bargains there. I’ll be back to share my experiences and purchases with you.

Drab hair over 50? Apply Henna, Naturally!

Do you feel as though you have drab Hair After 50 ?

I recently looked in the mirror and my hair looked so drab and boring. It was such a vibrant colour when I was younger. I decided that I needed a bit of uplifting and after about 30 years since the last time, to try henna hair colour for the second time in my life.

I first and last applied henna hair colour to my hair when I was in my twenties. I was a natural redhead but wondered if henna would give me more shine and enhance my colour.

The result was very strong, for my taste, but it attracted many compliments. I didn’t apply any more hair colours to my hair until I was in my 40’s when I had a hairstyle which was light on the top and darker underneath. I suppose I got into the habit of applying colour, even though I missed my red hair which unfortunately lost a lot if its vibrancy with age.

I, as many women of 50+ do, got drawn into colouring my hair blonde. I just got into the routine of it all and although I still wanted red, I felt that to go back to it would be a bit drastic.

Eventually though I decided that I’d give it a go and did my research about which colour would be better for me and my complexion. I never gave henna a thought and went with the usual chemical colours that I was used to. Unfortunately, here in rural Italy where I live, there are not many red shades to choose from and so I bought my hair colour by L’Oreal, from Amazon, which gave me a good result.

I don’t like using chemical hair colours and am uneasy every time I use them. Now, I felt the time was right to try to try henna again and I made a video showing the results.

I have been very pleased with the result. The colour faded a little after a couple of washes, to a more natural look which is what I wanted. I am going to try to touch up my roots very soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.