Italian Sales

Sales in Italy! Woohoo!

The sales here in Italy where I live have just started.

Being impatient, I went shopping yesterday and bought a pair of red sandals. You may or may not know that last year I decided, to just buy red shoes.

Why? Well because when I was little and my mum would buy me some shoes, if I had a choice,I always picked the red ones I’m sorry that’s just who I am, so last year I thought “oh let’s just go back to red shoes” I love them so much they’re just so cheerful and it makes shoe shopping very easy because you just look at the red ones and disregard the rest!

It doesn’t have to be a brighter red like my new sandals there is a lovely muted red if you are in a less showy mood. There is also a rich burgundy which is also red if you want boots or something bigger on your leg, it doesn’t have to be bright red, the muted burgundy shades look very, very, rich and classy and a bit different too.

I wanted an open sandal because it’s been so hot here in Italy. My new sandals are slightly raised with a flat base a flat foot bed because I didn’t want, in this hot weather, to be teetering around on high heels with my feet at a steep angle. Your feet can swell and get very uncomfortable and hot so my new sandals are perfect wit a padded sole and they are of course made in Italy.
Please watch my video and find out all about the Italian sales.

The Italian sales happen twice a year. First in January, then in July. They can’t be held at any other time and the exact date is dependant on the zone in which you live.

You can get some genuine bargains. These sales are real.

Normally in the period leading up to the sales, I look at items that I like and may want to buy and wait to see if they are reduced in the sales. You can save up to 70% on goods ranging from shoes, like I bought right up to household items such as fridges, cookers etc.

When you consider that here in Italy there are dotted up and down the country, designer outlets where you can get high end designer goods at lower prices, you can make huge savings if you stock up on these goods during the sale periods.

With the money that you save with one trip, you could come again later in the year to treat yourself again.

I am going to one of the nearby cities very soon and I will looking for bargains there. I’ll be back to share my experiences and purchases with you.

Drab hair over 50? Apply Henna, Naturally!

Do you feel as though you have drab Hair After 50 ?

I recently looked in the mirror and my hair looked so drab and boring. It was such a vibrant colour when I was younger. I decided that I needed a bit of uplifting and after about 30 years since the last time, to try henna hair colour for the second time in my life.

I first and last applied henna hair colour to my hair when I was in my twenties. I was a natural redhead but wondered if henna would give me more shine and enhance my colour.

The result was very strong, for my taste, but it attracted many compliments. I didn’t apply any more hair colours to my hair until I was in my 40’s when I had a hairstyle which was light on the top and darker underneath. I suppose I got into the habit of applying colour, even though I missed my red hair which unfortunately lost a lot if its vibrancy with age.

I, as many women of 50+ do, got drawn into colouring my hair blonde. I just got into the routine of it all and although I still wanted red, I felt that to go back to it would be a bit drastic.

Eventually though I decided that I’d give it a go and did my research about which colour would be better for me and my complexion. I never gave henna a thought and went with the usual chemical colours that I was used to. Unfortunately, here in rural Italy where I live, there are not many red shades to choose from and so I bought my hair colour by L’Oreal, from Amazon, which gave me a good result.

I don’t like using chemical hair colours and am uneasy every time I use them. Now, I felt the time was right to try to try henna again and I made a video showing the results.

I have been very pleased with the result. The colour faded a little after a couple of washes, to a more natural look which is what I wanted. I am going to try to touch up my roots very soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Cosmetics, naturally

I have always thought that it is not a good idea to put chemicals in or on your body and recently I have felt myself wanting more and more to make my own cosmetics without dangerous chemicals. I am also hoping to be able to make make up with colours perfect for me and I’m actually getting very excited about it.

The only drawback is that I live in rural Italy and I haven’t got access to places where I might buy natural pigments suitable for putting on my skin so I’m going to have to do some internet research for suppliers with great prices.

I’ve been making my own soap for some years. I started because normal commercially bought soap irritated my skin, particularly on my hands. My soap is very gentle and moisturising and I use only essential oils to scent it.

My soap is made to order for people who want to buy it and you can buy it at my Etsy shop here , My soap takes a few days to make and it is ready for shipping.

Follow my journey of experimenting to find my perfect cosmetic recipes. I’ll keep you updated here and also on my YouTube channel, Amazingly 50 .

I’m off to do my research. I’ll be back soon!

Free Handbag Give away

Give Away !!!

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